Geographical Indications are words or signs which convey a special relationship between a product and its place of origin. The product’s quality, reputation or characteristics should be directly traceable to where it is produced. This relationship may be formed by how the product is grown or manufactured, its terroir, and/or the culture and traditions used in the making of the product.

This course deals with best practices in, and how to develop product specifications for GIs. Product specifications are integral to GI schemes and to the registration of GI products. They are regulations and policies that determine how GI products are chosen, what areas are selected as cultivation or manufacturing areas (GI zones), which stakeholders should join GI schemes, and what internal regulations should govern the certification process.

Number of Modules: 3

Hours: 9 hours virtual classes in one hour segments over one week. Flexible schedules.

Format: Course Materials, Lecture and Test. Certificate Provided on Successful completion of course.

Cost: $685