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What comes to mind when you think of Quebec? Is it poutine, wines, a distinct culture or skiing? How about Switzerland? Does chocolate, watches or skiing bring “Swiss-ness” to mind? Does the raptors remind you of Toronto? Or hockey of Canada? Does a Beethoven piece conjure images of taking strolls or leisurely walks through cobbled streets in a European city or along one of its country side? A scene in a movie shows people zip-lining over lush hills and streams in a tropical Caribbean country, with melodious Bob Marley music in the background. What do all these examples have in common?

Whether intended or not, they all instill within our minds particular images or perceptions of places, strongly built on the products, images, or services we identify as being associated with these places. Nation-branding involves building solid associations between a place, its people, its culture and its domestic resources, usually towards socio-economic growth or other development-oriented purposes.

Canaan Bridges Consulting positions what you are best known for as a strong brand, for your city, region or country. We bring brands, consumers, culture and places together to create innovative angles in branding your region, city, community or country.

We also help you to identify and develop local resources in your country that are useful in creating sound nation branding strategies. For more details, contact us at or call us at 1-877-448-9944.

Connect Your Region To More Possibilities

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